Updated Rules and Regulations Guide


Clearview Gardens is composed of six corporations and is run by a joint Board of Directors elected by the shareholders (two representatives from each of the six corporations). It is the responsibility of this Board to oversee operations of Clearview Gardens to insure a sound financial situation with the best interest of all in mind. Shareholders are welcome to attend Board meetings which are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, except for July, August for which dates will be announced. The annual meeting is held the first Saturday of December and the last meeting is TBD.
Following are some of the Rules and Regulations of Clearview Gardens that were instituted in order to provide Shareholders with a safe, comfortable and pleasant experience while residing in Clearview Gardens.
All rules are subject to change, by the Board of Directors. Please check the web site @www.clearviewgardens.com and/or call the office for the latest updates to the rules and regulations.
In addition, Shareholders who violate any Clearview Gardens First through Sixth Corporations rules and regulations may be subject to violation processing fees. Processing fees are considered additional maintenance and must be paid upon placement on your maintenance bill. Any outstanding balance will result in late fees as well as further action.
If you, at any time, have questions contact the Management Office.

The buildings and grounds at Clearview Gardens are owned by the Corporation.
Clearview Gardens personnel or their representatives have the right to gain access to a Shareholders apartment in an emergency whether or not the Shareholder is available, by any means necessary, including but not limited to breaking down the door.
Shareholders refusing entry are subject to a violation processing fee.
The attic is considered a non-livable space with maximum lighting of 120 watts. Wall receptacles are not permitted. Shareholders found using the attic for any reason other than storage are subject to a violation processing fee.
Clearview Gardens has the right to inspect apartments on an ongoing basis. If a Shareholder refuses access to inspect their apartment, their Occupancy Agreement may be terminated.
Upon submission of intent to sell form, there will be an apartment inspection.
If an inspection indicates a condition requiring correction, the Shareholder is given up to 14 days from the date of inspection to correct the condition. If the condition is not corrected within this time period, Clearview Gardens may perform the work to correct the condition and charge the Shareholder for the work performed.
There will be an apartment inspection prior to the closing on new Shares. At this inspection a Superintendent and representatives from both the Buyer and Seller must be present. A subsequent inspection will take place after 30 days but not later than 60 days after the Shareholder moves in.
Shareholders are required to maintain a Co-op insurance policy with a minimum of $100,000.00 liability.
The type of policy needed is a co-op unit owner policy. This policy protects the unit owner’s personal property, improvements and betterments (made to the unit) and liability against legal action bought against them. All of these policies are written at a minimum coverage limit, ($100,000 liability) and up.
According to your Occupancy Agreement, the limits are as follows:
3 ½ Room Apartments - 3 People maximum
4 ½ Room Apartments - 4 People maximum
5 Room Apartments   -   5 People maximum
5½ Room Apartments -  6 People maximum
Shareholders must occupy this residence as their Primary Residence. Failure to do so may result in termination of your stock and lease. “Primary Residence” is defined as the apartment which you consider your home, and will occupy for a substantial but not less then a majority of the calendar year. The apartment can only be occupied by the person(s) listed in the shareholder’s application, including any modifications.
Shareholders who subsequently have guest(s) and/or occupants residing with them 30 days or longer must notify the Management Office in writing.
Guest(s) staying over 30 days requires the written approval of the Board of Directors.
Subletting is strictly prohibited.
Shareholders who violate this rule are subject to a violation processing fee and their Occupancy Agreement will be terminated.

All renovations are subject to approval by the Management Office.
Renovations requiring electrical, plumbing or breaking into interior or exterior walls must be performed by a licensed professional.
Major renovation hours are limited to Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm. You must obtain a Renovation Packet from the management office prior to commencement of work. Specifications and diagrams must be submitted outlining the complete work to be performed. Contractors must be licensed and are required to furnish a Certificate of Insurance listing Clearview Gardens as an additional insured. It is the shareholders responsibility to have construction debris removed.
Minor renovations that do not require a renovation packet, are only limited to the hours of 9:00am to 8:00pm.
If you have any questions, call the Management Office.
Shareholders are responsible for damages that occur during renovations and are subject to a violation processing fee.
Appliances such as washing machines, dryers, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, etc. may only be used between 8:00am and 10:00pm.
There are additional charges for washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, freezers and air-conditioners which are reflected on carrying charge statements. Shareholders must notify the Management Office when installing new or replacement appliances that require additional fees.
When an illegal appliance is observed, a violation processing fee will be issued. In addition, a monthly charge for the appliance will be backdated to the date of purchase. If a receipt cannot be produced indicating proof of purchase, the monthly charge for the appliance will be backdated to the time the shareholder moved into the apartment.
Charges for appliance use will be suspended when apartment is verified vacant by a superintendent and without furniture.
If a damper/vent that goes through the outside wall is installed in a different location other than the existing one, the Shareholder is responsible for the removal of all existing dampers according to Clearview specifications.
The air conditioning season begins on May 1st and ends on October 15th.
Prior to purchasing and installing an air conditioner, shareholders must obtain specifications from the Management Office or the Clearview Gardens web site.
Operating an air conditioner while no one is home is prohibited.  
Portable air conditioners are prohibited.
Only two air conditioners per unit are permitted. One A/C is permitted in the Living/Dining room and one in a bedroom.
Air conditioners are not permitted in bay windows.
Shareholder is responsible for the entire cost of a wall sleeve installation.
Shareholders living in upper and lower apartments over boiler rooms are permitted to leave either their living room or bedroom air conditioner on all year at no additional charge.
Upper unit shareholders are responsible to install a water diverter, if needed.
Shareholders who violate these rules are subject to a violation processing fee.
Electric ovens/cook tops are not permitted.
All washing machines must have check valves installed on hot and cold water lines.
Electric dryers are not permitted.
Gas, propane and electric barbecue grills are not permitted.
Grills must be situated past the outside steps when in use and the area must be left clean and free of debris.
Grills must be stored neatly against the building.
Flammable items may not be stored in garages or basements.
Shareholders are liable for any damage or injury to any person or property as a result of their use of a grill.
Carrying charges are due on the 1st of each month. There will be a late charge after a 10 day grace period. An additional charge will incur for each month maintenance fees are outstanding.
Shareholders will be charged for bounced checks, which include all applicable late fees.
All processing fees and other charges are deemed additional carrying charges and must be paid by the next due date.

Common doors and frames are maintained solely by Clearview Gardens and will be painted the color determined by the Board of Directors. Clearview Gardens shall repaint any doors not in compliance and the shareholder will be assessed the cost.
Upon the replacement of exterior door frames with synthetic material, only the house number and bell are permitted to be affixed.
Storm doors are not permitted.
Shareholders who violate these rules are subject to a violation processing fee and will be liable for repairs and/or restoration costs.
Clearview Gardens will provide extermination services. In cases where the source of infestation is due to the shareholders’ actions, that shareholder will incur the cost.
By November 1st, vegetable gardens, outside furniture, toys, playhouses, chairs, gardening supplies, etc. must be stored until April of the following year. Items stored in basements must be tagged with Shareholders name and code. Items not tagged will be deemed abandoned.
Shareholders who violate these rules are subject to a violation processing fee and will be liable for repairs and/or restoration costs.
Every unit must have a trash can with a lid.
There is a zero tolerance with regard to sanitation being placed at the curb on weekends, non-pick up days and holidays. All garbage is to be discarded after 6 p.m. The schedule is as follows:
SUNDAY THRU THURSDAY- Household garbage must be put out in a trash can with a proper fitting lid after 6 p.m.
TUESDAY- Metal recycling garbage must be put out on Monday night for Tuesday pick-up. Metal recycling consists of the following:
1.     Metal cans.
2.     Aluminum wrap and trays.
3.     Household metal objects (such as wire hangers, pots, pans, dried out paint cans with lids removed)
4.     Plastic bottles and jugs.
5.     Beverage cartons and drink boxes.
6.     Glass bottles and jars.
These items must be put in a CLEAR BAG and placed in your recycling pail.
Every two apartments at the same address must have a BLUE RECYCLING PAIL with a proper fitting lid.
WEDNESDAY - Mixed paper must be put out on Tuesday night for Wednesday pick-up. Mixed paper recycling consists of the following.
1.     Newspaper.
2.     Magazines and catalogs.
3.     Telephone books.
4.     Paper, Mail, Envelopes, and Paper bags.
5.     Soft cover books.
6.     Smooth cardboard (shoe boxes, cereal boxes (remove liner) tubes, etc.)
7.     Corrugated cardboard boxes (ties in bundles).
These items must be bundled and tied or placed in a CLEAR BAG.
Do not put recyclable trash in any other bag such as a supermarket bag.
BULK - Monday, Thursday and Friday
Bring all bulk items to the curb after 6 p.m. the night before. Examples of bulk garbage are as follows:
*Refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, air conditioners and furniture.
*NOTE: The doors must be removed from the refrigerator prior to being discarded and the Management office notified.
Shareholders wishing to discard debris from a garage should contact the maintenance office.

Shareholders shall enter into a License Agreement for a garage or parking space.
Licenses will not be granted to motor homes, or oversized commercial vehicles.
Vehicles must display license sticker in rear driver’s side window. If window is non-existent or tinted, sticker must be placed on windshield.
All vehicles are required to be parked forward in the parking spot, so the exhaust of the vehicle is not facing the building.
Shareholders must obtain a visitors parking permit when allowing visitors to park in their spot.
Shareholders are not permitted more than one garage.
Allowing your garage to be used by anyone except you is prohibited.
Do not allow your vehicle to run idle while inside.
Garage license holders must permit inspection of space and must supply entry key or code to the Management Office prior to receiving license.
Some storage is acceptable; however, a car must be able to fit inside your garage.
Vehicles that do not have valid registration will be deemed abandoned and will be removed at shareholders expense.
Flammable items are not permitted to be stored in garages.
Shareholders are responsible for two months rental fees, if a minimum of 60 days termination notice is not given.
Shareholders who violate these rules are subject to a violation processing fee and possible termination of your parking lease.

·        Trees are not permitted to be planted without prior written consent of Management.
·        When planting outside unit, written approval of both shareholders involved must be given to the Management Office.
·        Bushes, shrubs, hedges or fences may not be used to enclose the perimeter of a lawn.
·        Bushes and shrubs are permitted against the wall.
·        Flower gardens are permitted.
·        Once planted, trees, shrubs, and hedges become the property of Clearview Gardens and may be removed or altered at the discretion of the Board.
·        Written permission must be obtained from Management Office to landscape in any other area. 
Clearview Gardens reserves the right to trim and/or remove any trees, bushes, shrubs, or hedges, as determined by the Management Office.
Structures, such as decks, patios, stones, pavers, storage boxes, etc. are not permitted. However, a small platform area for garbage cans adjacent to steps is permitted as follows; measurement is not to exceed 36” wide for concrete and 48” for pavers and not to extend more than 24” past the steps.
Landscaping bricks or edging used to separate flowerbeds from lawn areas is permissible.
By November 1st of each year, toys, playhouses, tables, chairs, umbrellas, planters, etc. must be stored until April 1st of the following year.
·        Vegetable gardens are permitted in the immediate area outside the rear windows of a shareholder’s apartment, so long as written approval of both shareholders involved is given to the Management Office and Management approves same in writing.
·        Written permission must be obtained from the Management Office to plant in any other area.
·        Grounds must be restored to a clean, orderly condition no later than   November 1st.
Shareholders who violate these rules are subject to a violation processing fee and will be liable for repairs and/or restoration costs.
Hallway lights should remain off while not in use.
It is the responsibility of the shareholders to keep the public hallways clean. The upper shareholder is responsible to clean the top landing and the stairs; the lower shareholder is responsible to clean the lower landing.
Shareholders are not permitted to store items in the hallways.

All exterior electrical decorations and holiday lights can be turned on during the hours of 5:00p.m. – 12 midnight. This covers the period twenty days prior to and twelve days after the holiday.
Exterior decorations are permitted outside unit, only after written approval of both shareholders involved is given to the Management Office.
Shareholders who violate these rules are subject to a violation processing fee.
Hours of operation are approximately 8:00am to 8:00pm.
A laundry room key is provided upon request; however, there is a fee for a second request.
There will be a charge for lockouts.
Double sided locks on common doors are not permitted.
Locks and/or buzzer systems are permitted at Shareholder’s expense provided that both units agree. Once installed, both units must agree to remove the lock. Clearview Gardens shall be held harmless from any damage or injury resulting from such change of locks or buzzers.
Shareholders must notify the Management Office of any oxygen tanks being used and post a sign on their door.
Shareholders, occupants, or their visitors are not permitted to:
·        Leave articles on steps, walkways, or in front of doorways, etc., that can be hazardous or obstruct free passage.
·        Deface lawns.
·        Conduct any garage/yard sale on Clearview Gardens’ property.
·        Remove crawl space covers.
·        Store and/or discharge fireworks on Clearview Gardens’ property.
·        Abandon carts on property.
·        Play with a hardball on grounds.
·        Display religious articles or political signs on Clearview Gardens’ lawns or common doors.
·        Congregate loudly before 10 a.m. or after 10 p.m.
·        Running a business in Clearview Gardens is prohibited.
Shareholders are permitted to refinance their stock certificate whether or not they financed the same upon the initial purchase or otherwise provided as follows:
·        Shareholders at the time of request for the refinancing are in good standing.
·        Shareholders must pay Clearview Gardens expenses in connection with the refinancing including, but not limited to its attorneys’ fees.
·        An administration fee will be charged to any shareholder for refinancing of the stock certificate. This charge is exclusive of any legal fees.
·        Reverse mortgages are not permitted.
·        A shareholder who does not have an outstanding loan may finance up to 80% of the average sales price, as determined by Clearview Gardens.
·        A shareholder who has an outstanding loan may refinance that loan in an amount of the existing balance or 80% of the average sales price, as determined by Clearview Gardens, whichever is higher. The bank must submit a letter or bank statement verifying your existing balance.
·        Not withstanding the above, the Board may reject the application to refinance in their sole discretion.
Dogs are not permitted. A violation of this rule shall constitute a violation of a substantial obligation of your tenancy. Shareholders shall be held responsible for the conduct of those persons visiting them.
Clearview Gardens will begin legal proceedings against any shareholder with or permitting a dog on Clearview Gardens’ property.
If court action is necessary to remove an illegal dog pursuant to the occupancy agreement, the shareholder will be liable for all legal fees.
If a Shareholder violates the rules and regulations prohibiting the keeping and harboring of a dog on Clearview Gardens’ property, such Shareholder shall be deemed undesirable.
Shareholders may harbor no more than two indoor cats.
The feeding of birds or any animals outside apartments is prohibited.
Shareholders who violate these rules are subject to a violation processing fee.

Pools must not be more that 12” deep.
Pools must be emptied and stored neatly at the end of each day.
Adult supervision of a pool with any amount of water in it is required at all times.
Satellite dishes are no longer permitted.
Shareholders must install and maintain smoke and carbon monoxide detectors within their apartment at their own expense.
Clearview Gardens permits the installation of detectors in the common hallway at a central point provided both units agree. The installation and maintenance of these detectors is at the shareholder’s expense. Once installed, detectors can not be removed without the permission of both units.

Clearview Gardens will remove snow from main sidewalks, walkways, garage and parking areas. The front stoop and apron area (bottom step to the walkway) is the responsibility of both Shareholders and must be cleared of ice and snow after a snowfall.
Only calcium chloride is to be used which Clearview Gardens will provide.

Clearview Gardens permits the storing of bicycles, carriages, etc. and non-flammable items which will not attract vermin in basement storage rooms.
All items stored must be tagged with the Shareholder’s name and code #.  Items not tagged will be deemed abandoned and may be disposed of.
All stored items placed in the storage rooms will be at the sole risk and responsibility of the shareholder. Clearview Gardens will not at any time or under any circumstance be deemed liable for anything stored in basement storage rooms.
If you wish to rent storage units, provided by a private company, contact the Management Office.
Clearview Gardens Protocol When Calling for Maintenance
Step 1 - For maintenance call 718-352-8700 or 718-352-7358 for heat complaints and give a description of the problem.
Step 2 - If problem is not resolved in a reasonable amount of time, ask to speak with a supervisor and explain the situation.
Step 3 - If problem is still not resolved, then, you should ask to speak with or write the General Manager.
Step 4 - If problem is still not resolved, then, you should ask to speak with or write a Board Member.
This will help us to see where we, as a Cooperative, could improve. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
The Board of Directors
Clearview Gardens
First through Sixth Corporations
Clearview Gardens Telephone Numbers 
Maintenance Office:	718-352-8700 or 718-352-2658
Management Office:	718-352-8701
          General Information -	ext. 10
          Parking/garages -		ext. 10
          Resale -				ext. 11
          Carrying Charges -		ext. 17
          Accounts Payable -		ext. 20
Boiler:			718-352-7358
Security:			718-352-4924
CAP Office:			718-352-4157
Web Site: 			http://www.clearviewgardens.com